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Applying Digital Twins to Supply Chain Problems

Applying Digital Twins to Supply Chain Problems


Yonder Cloud Limited

Yonder Cloud are a UK based technology company providing cloud based High Performance Computing (HPC), AI, Digital Twin and Metaverse solutions. When they identified a Connected Places Catapult funding call for use cases providing practical examples of Digital Twin applications in the in the transportation sector, they called on me to assist. The purpose of this funding call was to deliver insights that will enable members of the UK Technology and Research Innovation Board (TRIB) to consider what is required to accelerate innovation in the area, and shape the UK’s National Digital Twin Strategy to 2035.

The key deliverables for this project were a technical report, summary and presentation to the TRIB members, demonstrating how Digital Twins can be used to improve transport for the end user, reduce environmental impact of transport and “level-up” the UK economy.

Using my domain knowledge and experience, I worked with Yonder Cloud to develop a use case for a Digital Twin that can be used collaboratively across the domestic supply chain network to address driver shortage in the Road Haulage industry, with a particular focus on resolving congestion in ports that could, in turn, reduce vessel turnaround time and alleviate vessel scheduling challenges that have had a global impact.

Our proposal made a compelling argument for a step-change in the approach to tackling this issue - using Digital Twin technologies to test scenarios, identify feasible options and potential opportunities, and mitigate the inherent risks associated with the level of change that is required to deliver on the national ambitions of improved efficiency, increased productivity, reduced environmental impact, social change and the economic benefits associated with each of these factors. Our case also made clear the significant challenges that must be overcome in order to deliver such an ambitious project.

The report and presentation were delivered to TRIB members in line with the original project plan.

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