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Career History

Operational and technology delivery experience in Ports and Terminals spanning three decades.

Early Career (Pre-2011)

  • Senior Systems Analyst (2009 to 2011)

  • Systems Analyst (2006 to 2009)

  • Operations Administration Manager (1994 to 2006)

  • Shipping Agency Clerk (1993 to 1994)

IT Project Manager

  • In a highly successful business continually generating new opportunities and regularly facing demands to meet new customer requirements and statutory obligations: -


  • Lead a small Application Support Team in the delivery of over 100 projects over a six-year period to generate savings through operational efficiencies, reduced headcount, and eradication of technical debt by replacing legacy software with the strategic group Terminal Operating System

  • Execute a consolidated programme to resolve all known bugs and feature gaps in the group-wide application, improving service to the business by enabling the team to focus on compliance-oriented and revenue-generating business projects

  • Expand the remit of the team into other areas, applying the same team principles to deliver integrated systems and network infrastructure, eradicate technical debt, increase business resilience in mission critical areas, and elicit savings through reduced support and infrastructure costs.


Digital Transformation Project Co-Ordinator

In a Local Authority losing opportunities to increase operational efficiencies and improve customer service due to vendor-related project delays: -


  • Re-evaluate the project plan to overcome vendor failures, develop a feasible delivery roadmap aligned to stakeholder expectations, and use available functionality to deliver a minimum viable product in January 2018, within the original timeline.


IT-Business Relationship Manager

In an aggressive scale-up business rapidly outgrowing its existing technology infrastructure and experiencing lack of technology capability to adequately support the day-to-day operations and ongoing growth/change of the business: -


  • Implement a Business Relationship Management programme, engaging with stakeholders to rebuild trust in the Technology team by understanding and organising their requirements into a coherent programme of work aligned to departmental and strategic business objectives

  • Build a Project Management Office to deliver the programme of work, reducing technical debt, stabilising core applications, automating manual processes and outsourcing IT intensive business processes, that resulted in significant savings, efficiency gains and risk reduction

  • Separate IT infrastructure and Business Application support functions to focus attention on business-critical issues, introduce SLA’s and performance management metrics, resulting in improved service to the business and cost savings from reduced operational downtime

  • Implemented a programme of work across the business to improve data governance, quality and integrity, resulting in overall improvement to bill quality that improved cashflow into the business and reduced costs to serve inbound call centre traffic


Principal Port Operations and Technology Consultant

In an established civil engineering company pivoting into technology consulting in the maritime industry, use my domain expertise to: -


  • Evaluate global software market serving the industry to identify potential revenue generating opportunities from digital product development and determine market readiness/timings for new solutions, reducing the risk and potential costs of mis-timed market entry 

  • Lead research projects on trending technology topics for industry organisations and undertake technology based consulting projects, generating revenue for the business, establishing history and credibility as a technology partner, and driving new inbound leads

  • Deliver insightful presentations at international industry events, positioning the organisation as a capable thought leader in the sector and driving inbound leads for new business.



Founder of The Smart Ports Alliance

In a global industry demonstrating technological ambition, but limited by historic underinvestment in skills and infrastructure, build a global non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing digitalisation and technology adoption through democratisation of industry best practice knowledge, advocacy and collaborative member engagement.


Client Services Manager

In a start-up software house providing three-dimensional data-visualisation software to the maritime and ports industry: -


  • Work with the Executive Team to develop the product strategy, value proposition and marketing collateral for the sector, helping prospective clients to better understand the applicability of the product to their business

  • Use domain expertise and stakeholder engagement skills to build relationships with existing clients and new prospects, evaluate the opportunities, inform new product developments, and build winning proposals to acquire new business or convert short-term contracts into long-term strategic partnerships

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